Monday, 20 April 2009

You rang?

My weekly response to Being Brazen's Q&A...

Thought for the day: Will I ever see Manatee again after his iMac got delivered today?
Song of the Week: 'Show me the roof' by Herman Dune
Word of the Week: 'Recharge' the ol' batteries...
Drink of the moment: Coca Cola (follow link here)
Currently enjoying: A little alone time; writing music, painting and taking in Luc Besson films.
Currently annoyed by: Missing Furia Sound Festival in France, (Herman Dune, MONO, Mogwai - can't really complain as I will be at another festival I might have mentioned along the way...)
Goal of the week: To finally join the gym (Manatee has been nagging me for months now)
Last thing I bought: Puccino's cafe latte this morning on the Earlsfield platform, delicious...

HERMAN DUNE - WORLD OF WORKERS from ludomatic on Vimeo.

Leave your answers to these questions in the comments section minions, go on!

Love ya;)

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