Friday, 24 April 2009

Too Slow!

I know I've had my Fri-Five post for the day (I love that Rob sequence!) but I couldn't pass up this little sequence of the 'Up High, Down Low, Too Slow' trick. For those of you who don't know how to play this little gag on an unsuspecting (soon to be ex) mate, here is a step by step guide. Use with caution...

  • Step 1: Up High! This gives the victim a false sense of security...

- Bliss -

  • Step 2: Down Low! This is the classic setup, and the beginning of the end of your relationship with the victim.

- The event horizon -

  • Step 3: Too Slow! Be sure to pull your hand away in time, otherwise you will look like a jack ass.

- The beginning of the end -

  • Step 4: Gloat like the bastard you are!

- Bleak -

Now you know minions, now you know...

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