Monday, 20 April 2009

Silent for a good reason...

- Enter at your own peril -

Ok, so that happened and I'm still reeling from shock. I've never seen a venue heave like I saw Brixton on Saturday night. The Prodigy came on stage at just after 12am, and left 2 face melting hours later. Now I've told you guys that I'm not into dance music AT ALL, but this was something else. It's been written somewhere that seeing The Prodigy live is listed on one of the 'things to do before you're dead' lists - well, I'm a believer.

- No words -

The action didn't stop there. After rolling out of the Academy at about 4:30am, Manatee and Edge boarded a bus full of chavs home. Mistake. In an effort to defend Edge's honour from the group of angry she-chavs, Manatee ended up receiving a black eye and masses amounts of cat sctraches that made him almost unrecognisable to me on the platform this morning.

Me: Why didn't you fight back dude?
Manatee: They were chicks dude... They were chicks...

More proof that even in the vortex of a drink-binge-post-Prodigy haze, Manatee still displays the behaviour that epitomizes that of an upstanding gentlemen. A hero, albeit bruised and battered, a hero nonetheless. Those injuries will heal, but Manatee's ethical stature remains unbreakable... (cue Manatee on a silver stead riding into the sunset).

Before you ask, I have a firm post-midnight-no-public-transport policy... So yes I was in a cab safe from London's social dregs, but after 12 hours of solid drinking I can tell you I was up for a little tussle, I would have had my mate's back... Would-a... I have the fire of a million Tibetians inside me, watch out!

Right, back to work...

PS: My laptop at home has '341 trogan horse' inside of it... amazes me sometimes how big a hard drive can be these days (ooooo, almost as bad as my Kermit Jagger joke). Hence the reason why I can't post in the evenings, trying to clean it up so please excuse me if there aren't many posts this week. Still love me?

Kisses ***


  1. Concert sounds cool - sorry to hear about your laptop,hope you get it sorted soon


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