Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Parlez Vous Freebie?

Classic, I'm so happy I didn't book my french lessons at the beginning of the month, not like I can shell out £400 on any given day can I?... This is how it went down:

The MD: Mike, I'm sending around a list of courses that are available for you all to attend for 'personal development' this year and I want you to pick 3 that you would be interested in and a couple of back up courses in case of unavailability...

No problem I thought, probably the usual Excel/Word fodder. So, sleepily (if that isn't a word it should be because that's my general disposition anytime before lunch) I flipped through the well constructed PowerPoint presentation (which made me more sleep-il-y). Everything from Time Management, to Conflict Resolution and even the marvelous Assertiveness in the Workplace which really piqued my interested....in sleep. All of these mind numbingly boring courses all lasted a day and cost around £500 for the show - no bother it's on the parent company, bring it on. So I ticked Intermediate, Advanced and Macros Excel... yippee... THEN, Business French appeared before my eyes! Bring it on! I finally woke up! 15 sessions at a cost of £1650 - Shit I thought, that would never fly with management. Bugger it I said to myself, Ill put it down...

25 minutes later...

The MD: Mike, please come to my office...

I tipped toed over to the glass box that is the MD's control station, preparing myself to defend my apparent smugness at such a request - my apologies we're well constructed by now...

Me: You wanted to see me?
MD: Mike, why did you include Advanced and Macros Excel in your first choices?
Me: Umm.... (thinking this was a trick question)
MD: You see, what if Intermediate is booked out, then both those options are out. So why not just have those as back up and we will move the 'Time Management' (I included that as a back up, because I was bored with the whole process by the end of it all) up into the first choice, ok?
Me: Sure that's cool, but I need 3 don't I?
MD: Yeah, with the French in there that's 3...
Me: Really, I thought that would be a bit expensive?
MD: Nah, that's not a problem (shaking his head dismissively)...
Me: Great thanks! (I wanted to kiss him!)

So, to recap... I just saved £400 AND got signed up to a course 4 times more indepth and expensive and relevant to finally moving to Paris! It's all working out minions, it's all working out!!!

Office drinks I can't miss now:)

Have a nice evening, love ya



  1. as usual... bum covered in butter.... lucky bugger!

  2. Lucky you :)

    *sigh* I wanna go to France


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