Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Naked Female Bodypaint Football

Ok, so I don't usually post this sort of thing here on MudIsland Mike but as a member of the male side of the species I feel obliged...

Ah who cares about an intro just check these hot women playing beach football in nothing but a thong and body paint... Life really doesn't get better than this...

- Pre game nerves... -

- Yip, you guys will do just fine -

- Hope you ladies warmed up before hand -

- Captains exchange pleasantries, nothing wrong with that -

- Team spirit essential in a competitive environment -

- Press conferences were an informal affair -

- And the game gets under way -

- Photographer was getting creative here (my favourite by the way) -

- A little rough and tumble is part of the game -

- Petr Cech she is not -

- The final whistle was blown -

- To the victors go the spoils -

- It's important to stay hydrated -

For a quiet Wednesday, this will do me just fine... I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that football was the over all winner at the end of the day...


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  1. A friend of mine saw this post. He proclaimed the following:
    "This sort of thing gives one gives the world hope...hope of brighter future, hope of an existence where white girls,"
    He paused, a solitary tear running down his cheek,
    "...and black girls, can set aside their differences, and play with each other..."

    At this point he paused, and his eyes were distant and moist. His face was lit with the fevered spark of a visionary...
    "It would be..." his voice quavered, and he had to stop for a moment. "It would be heaven on Earth..." True story.


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