Saturday, 25 April 2009


With a tear in my eye, I bid farewell to blogspot and ask you guys to head over to MUDISLANDMIKE.COM from now on if you want continue reading the droth I tend to leak out into the digital world. I can promise you an endless supply of aimless ramblings, tales of woe regarding my, and my friends' misadventures in this foul city that is London.

I tried my best to try and get the new site (working in Wordpress now, a far superior platform) to look as much like this one as possible until, I think it was 1am this morning I realized that this one didn't really look great anyway - so I thought I go in a different direction. I hope you like it, but if you have any suggestions as to what you might like changed email your thoughts to because I couldn't give a shit.

- -

Oh, and please can whoever is linking to my page please update the URL, thanks - I need all the link love I can get:)

So go on, take my hand and lets enter this new chapter of our lives together... You got the lube right? You're gonna need it...

Last kiss blogspot, that's right kiss my ass...

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