Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Eagles of Death Metal TONIGHT!

Well look at that why don't ya? Time has a funny way of, I dunno, 'ticking over' as they say. You know when you book a ticket to something so far in the future that you kinda forget about it until the date falls upon you like a piano out of the sky? Well, today wasn't as much of a head fuck has my Chris Cornell experience but nonetheless... Edge got me a ticket for tonight at the Forum in Kentish Town, it's gonna be epic!

- Jesse "The Devil" Hughes -

Just to give you a little glimpse as to how awesome these guys are - earlier this year they booked a gig in London that was strictly Ladies ONLY! and it sold out in seconds... That, my friends, is how you do it!

It's gonna be Edge, Manatee and Yours Truly rocking out in K Town tonight, with pre drinks with The Voice in Camden to start... Alright!

Ill let you know how it all pans out - as I usually do after events such as these... I never leave my minions in the dark, unless I'm taking you to Pleasure Town...

-Cock Rock piquing (that's right, I meant THAT!) -

kisses ***

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  1. Is this your way of telling me that we're going to The Voice tonight?


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