Thursday, 9 April 2009

Eagles = Epic

What a nice little evening we had last night. Pre drinks at the Proud Gallery where we then dined at the Camden Colonel (aka KFC) and then hit the Forum for some monstrous rock and rolling!

The Eagles of Death Metal were on top form and I'm very glad Edge got me the ticket, ta ra to you Edge!

- Edge and Manatee await the imminent arrival of... -

- The sexiest man in rock & roll, Jesse 'Boots Electric' Hughes -

We were all so taken by the performance that we even risked life and limb in the mosh pit during the encore... Edge disappeared for a few moments during this time, Manatee and I are pretty sure she was right down in front showing Jesse a little bit of flange, but she denies it out right...


Long weekend my little minions, and The MD has agreed to let us off at 4pm today, bonus!

Chat a little later - I love you all, but I secretly would love to be the lining on Jesse Hughes' leathers... What a hero!


  1. Have a rocking Easter weekend!

  2. Ps - how did you know i feared leaves?? hmmmm...did you also fear the green ninjas?


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