Thursday, 16 April 2009

5 Things I Want Before 2010

It's important to have goals minions, and I've been thinking long and hard over the last 10 minutes while I wrote this piece of tosh for you as to what I wanted from 2009... These are mine, along with the ever standing global goal of making love to each and every one of you - these are the ones that I consider to be difficult to attain...

  • Mad Surf Skills: Bunny has been mentioning the idea of heading to some place close and awesome to sharpen up our surfing abilities, or if you're like me, complete lack of ability. I keep getting the 'But you were born in Cape Town Mike, grew up in Durban, how can you not be a surfer?' Well thanks to boarding school, and a father who made my other two brothers and me wear life jackets whenever we set foot on sand (together with matching speedos!) I didn't have a hope in hell! Bring on the Spain trip!

- Not completely off the cards -

  • New Sunnies for Summer: I lost my loyal Oakleys in Cape Town just before returning to Mud Island in December and I've never been the same since, well not like I needed them during the snowy winter. So I'm on the look out for some thing that's a little different, a little edgey but still wearable. Oakley's are so 'oke', chest bumping Billie's type Durban rugger bugger vibe now, so I'm over them. I'm thinking silver aviators baby! Manatee had a pair a while back but I think he lost them in Brazil, they really could be anywhere so I'm looking to revive them! But Ill deny it to my grave that I got the idea from him, deny deny!

- Sex on fire! -

  • Vinyl player: Nothing says 'class' and 'awesome' quite like me with a vinyl spinner in my room. Can you imagine the look on the ladies' face when I whip out a sexy black Barry White record, blow off the dust all seductive like with a single breath and a raised eye brow? Business time indeed! The ladies will be queuing and Ill have to get that revolving door that I've been contemplating getting installed!

- Glorious -

  • A plane trip home in October: I've just been in invited to an old mate's wedding in October in Port Elizabeth - my old varsity hunting ground. It also happens to land on the same day as my birthday (and my nephew's - we share it, yes he is awesome too!) and so I'm contemplating heading back for this date. Although it is a lot of money to be heading back and forth, but we will be reviewing this possibilty very closely... (watch now I'm going to get flooded with emails and calls).
  • Angelina Jolie: Tsk tsk Brad, way to leave the door open you putz...

- What's known as a 'window of opportunity' -

So what's on your list? Let's hear it!

Peace out my little minions

kisses ***


  1. I want a vinyl player too - very cool.

    Very realistic goals - hope you achieve them all

  2. Well, angelina Jolie may not happen - sorry, dude.

  3. hehe, stranger things have happened;) what's yours BB?

  4. My list...well, I have so many lists on my I want to achieve all the wants list eventually.

    Right now (off the top of my head) before 2010 I want: a twilight DVD, The True Blood DVD box set, to finish my correspondence course, new clothes, an overseas trip (anywhere will do), to get engaged (im wishful) and a fitter, toned body (im not gyming for nothing)

  5. hey i just got me some oakleys... and i am known to have a drink or two at Billy's upon occasion..... nothing wrong IMHO - ('specially if you get them for cost....hehehee)...

    as for those silver things.... that fad is already on the way out... this you know for sure when all the little vaalie school kids are wearing them on their easter hols down by da sea... duh.

    Oakleys have a timeless quality to them.


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