Thursday, 12 March 2009

Top O' The Morning To Ya!

I seem to just attract bad morning karma. First it was the nice welcome I got in at work the other day now this.

I got onto the Earlsfield platform this morning to its usual chaotic vibe - no stress. I'm keeping the promise I made to myself these days to NOT under any circumstances allow myself to get angry or stressed about getting to work late. If the platform is full, I take a step back, a seat even and watch for about 5-10 minutes as the minions scrum for position. I won't be part of it anymore.
So I decided to treat myself to a latte at Puccino's, you know the only coffee spot on the actual platform in Earlsfield. The little Spanish dude (who knows me by name now, as does everyone in MY town) poured me what looked like a little gift from God, all steamy like in the crisp morning sun light piercing the cafe's icy windows. A nice touch I thought was the little chocalate he placed on top of the cup. I don't eat chocalate but I wasn't going to rude and refuse. I smiled, turned and made my way to the sugar & stick stand in the corner. I looked down at my chocolate balancing delicately on the plastic covering...

- Gee, thanks... -

A nice existential start to what would ultimately turn out to be another shit day in the digital media world...

Friday tomorrow guys - don't forget your FRI - FIVES!


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