Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Chris Cornell - Shepherd's Bush Empire 2/3/09

Last night, I wasn't expecting much from the Chris Cornell show. I had investigated the setlists of his most recent shows in Amsterdam and Berlin. 90% of it was to be his new stuff which isn't great to be honest. 3 songs in he announces...

CC: "Shepherd's Bush was the first European venue Soundgarden ever played. That was 20 years ago, so with that in mind we are going to play everything from the past 20 years, and we aren't going to stop playing til they kick us out!"

They then proceeded to explode into Spoonman, that's the moment I shat myself.

- God -

But I cried real tears of emotion when, after 2 and half hours of vintage Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of a Dog, and solo Cornell they finished with probably my favourite song of all time: Like Suicide, the final song on Superunknown and a song I don't think has been played since the Soundgarden days.

That was something else.

Thank you Chris.


    1. Part Of Me
    2. Time
    3. You Know My Name
    4. No Such Thing
    5. Gun
    6. Spoonman (Good Times, Bad Times)
    7. Hunger Strike
    8. Show Me How To Live
    9. Exploder
    10. Be Yourself
    11. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)
    12. Ground Zero
    13. Never Far Away
    14. Gasoline
    15. Rusty Cage
    16. Can't Change Me (Acoustic)
    17. Fell On Black Days (Acoustic)
    18. Dandelion (Acoustic)
    19. Like A Stone (Acoustic)
    20. - Band Jam -
    21. Cochise
    22. Watch Out
    23. Burden In My Hand
    24. Pretty Noose
    25. Arms Around Your Love
    26. Scream
    27. Outshined
    28. Jesus Christ Pose
    29. Encore:
    30. Immigrant Song
    31. Disappearing One
    32. Like Suicide
30 songs, that's what I'm talking about!


  1. Lucky you - that must have been cool :)

  2. I am officially JEALOUS!!!

  3. I was there also - Fucking amazing show indeed. A couple of slightly different versions of some of the older stuff too.

  4. I have a burnt CD that consists of one song repeated 14 times - Billy Jean...True story! :D

    The man is a god...


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