Wednesday, 25 March 2009

No Repeat!

So I have to keep chanting to my inner self, my id, the legion of voices in my head:

! I will not allow this to happen again !

Manatee & I are heading to a small club across the road from my office in Tottenham Court Road tonight, PUNK, to support Edge's sister's boyfriend's band Cartel, who rock by the way!

Basically the last time we went and supported Cartel I almost broke my foot against a hand dryer, Edge poured booze all over Manatee's crotch, Manatee lit our sambucas (which didn't last long in my stomach, all of 1.34 seconds!) and the group of us stumbled around Lewisham getting pointed out and laughed at by chav's as being disorderly and pathetic! I even managed to display my superior chat up techniques to the slightly chunky drummer of the opening act from the floor when the lead singer shouted out half way through the set...

LS: Thank you Lewisham, we are (can't remember name of band) from Heathrow!

Drummer: I'm from Wembley!!!


My voice rang out over the small crowd of chavs, endlessly ricocheting against the sweat stained concrete walls bringing a hush over the fans. Manatee buried his face in my shoulder, I still had my devil horns raised triumphantly in the air Ozzy style.
Wembley is not hot, neither is coming from Wembley hot and she sure as shit was not hot - so that was a triple barreled lie right there. But hey, everyone needs a boost every once in a while and her moment was right there in that grimy club nestled in a small pocket of the forgotten 1st World... I hope she drew a picture.

So Manatee and I have a strict budget tonight of, I think, £10 each. No more, no less... Get in, show our faces then get out.


Will let you know how it turns out.

Pray for me

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