Monday, 9 March 2009

Lay off my Chilled Weekend...

Jeez you okes are demanding... I let one day go by without a whisper in your tastey ears and I get a barrage of abuse!

Ms Tampon: "Mike, where the hell are you? No Monday morning post? WTF!"

The Photographer: "Hey, ass... what's the vibe?!"

Anonymous: "Hey babe, missed you this morning... *wink*"

Sweetie: "I'm bummed with you, I'm freezing my ass off on the slopes of Bulgaria and I got no Mud this morning!"


Let me just take a step back and say, YES, obviously I had a chilled and very laid back weekend (just how I like it) - such an awasome vibe that I never even managed to turn the ol' puter on, never mind post anything... Let's reflect...

  • Friday night was Picasso night. I treated myself to an Audio-Guided tour of the exhibit (more to drown out the hundreds of faux art pros than anything else).
  • Went home - chilled out with some steamed butternut, carrots and broccoli. Even managed to screen a call from The Accountant, I knew he had a repeat of Thursday night on his mind and I wasn't having any of it.
  • Saturday: didn't get out of the 'man-grow' til 5pm that afternoon. Shed loads of guitar was played (worked out the rest of 'Schism') and blew a bunch of Crimson Red on the canvas.
  • Sunday was chilled - caught up with family friends for lunch in Chinatown, then hit J-dog's place for a chicken pasta dinner and a little movie night, She's The Man (review to follow).

So all in all, nice solid weekend. Now that work has hooked up my Outlook to the Sh*tberry, I make a concerted effort to 'forget' my phone any chance I get... So for all of you who are trying to get hold of me, and there are legions of you, I will get back to you at some stage... Not loving the BB vibe at all...

Love you ***

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  1. Sounds like yours was way better than mine!!!


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