Friday, 27 March 2009


Holy shit minions, this weekend has a very messy and mortally dangerous outlook...

First and foremost today is Edge's birthday, so well done to her for putting another candle on the cake. It's getting harder and harder to blow them all out with just one breath... Phew!
Then on Sunday we are having a lunch/party at The Accountant's house in Fulham before heading down to the river to watch the famous Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge. Personally my money's on Cambridge...again.

- One way to lose a Boat Race, friends and the respect of your university -

With the birth of Edge in mind this morning I was feeling quite inspired, pensive almost by this moment in history and felt compelled to pen a short poem in honour of this glorious creature, this creation that God himself had to have had a personal hand in putting together.

GOD (to the creation angels): "Better put some extra lining on that one's liver, she's gonna need it!"

So here it is, I call it


O blond'd mystic
With a shot glass in your hand
O' top a bar stool
Probably at The Grand

So graceful and fluid
The way you move to the song
You're making no sense again
Your dialect's gone

You call for another
Insistent and true
Nothing to hold you back
As you approach the edge's view

Another year ticks by
It's not a thing to mind
Just another reason
To get so drunk, we're blind



  1. Nice poem mate

  2. Oh Mike thank you for your wonderful poem

    Another year is over

    I’d like to make a pledge,

    But I fear with age i’ll never learn to back away from the ledge

    10 minute drunken stories, with no meaning or end

    Sending you and Manatee around the freaking bend

    But drunken, blind or sober whichever you’d like to pick

    The main thing to remember is, that we are Rad to the Power of Sick!

    The Edge


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