Thursday, 5 March 2009

KY Jelly stocks soar (or sore?)

Fans await Jackson concert dates

Michael Jackson
You all look far too excited!

Michael Jackson fans in the UK are waiting for the pop superstar to announce a series of comeback concerts at the O2 arena in London.

Jackson is due to meet the press and make a "special announcement" later.

Posters have already started to appear on the London Underground advertising 10 shows in July at the venue.

Fans of the singer have gathered outside the 50-year-old's hotel with several claiming to be seeking autographs to sell online.

Rhianan Adam, 26, told BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat: "I've been a fan since I was five (I'm sure you have...) and I've waited 12 years for him to perform again. I thought his career was going to be over."

But he disappointed fans at that event by singing just a few lines of We Are The World. He last toured 12 years ago.

The O2, in Greenwich, south-east London, is the venue where Prince played for 21 nights in 2007, and where Britney Spears is performing for eight nights in June.

Jackson would be likely to follow a similar pattern of a run of gigs at one venue, rather than an extensive tour.

I can see MJ, sitting alone in his castle with a big grin on his porcelain face, rubbing his sweaty hands together, slowly.... seductively..

MJ: Come to me my little ones... come closer...this won't hurt a bit...


  1. MJ is trying to be like Madonna.. he's SOO last millennium! oh well - i hear he has 9 doctors on call incase his nose falls off or something! mothers - beware your babies!! don't buy golden circle!

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