Monday, 23 March 2009

Dublin, Again!

- Weapons -

I came I saw and I left very quickly.

I spent a total of 20 hours in Ireland over the weekend - and there really isn't much to report about it except the gig was fantastic and totally worth it. A huge plus was that I managed to stumble onto Mogwai's rehearsal before the gig - by accident! I was walking down Abbey Str trying to find the venue so I knew where to go later that night and I got my own private personal show (albeit from the street) but Mogwai are notorious for being loud and I had the pleasure of a lifetime - could have left Dublin a happy man right there.
After the gig I retreated back to the hostel I was staying at - Marlborough Hostel (very nice) - to be greeted by my 5 dorm mates for the night... 5 German varsity girls all primmed up in their pyjamas 'waiting' for me haha. After servicing them all simultaneously I went into a deep slumber. Ok I didn't service them all, I was way too tired to bother with even a mobile blog post let alone flirt with anyone, so I smiled and went to bed.

The moment I walked through my front door on Sunday afternoon Manatee gives me a call and tells me he and Edge were going for a quiet pint down at the Jolly Gardener. I joined them, with sleepy eyes and a yawning mouth. We soon shuffled our way down Garratt Lane to the Puzzle where we joined in on a game of Pub Quiz. Sweetie soon joined our team aptly named 'Rad To The Power Of Sick'! We were convinced we had won the £40 meal and drinks voucher first prize, certain that from that day forth Sundays would be free drinking day for us at the Puzzle because our team was so awesome!

We came 5th... Out of 6 teams...

He headed back to The Palace, dragging our heels in shame, to watch the latest Lost episode and to absorb a few glass of Crested Ten, my baby! The Aussie joined a little later to help with the popcorn and also brought a copy of the 80's classic Candyman to keep me up all night watching the shadows...

It was a great weekend, I just needed another day to recover... Fatigue it seems is worse than the hangover that comes with it. And I wasn't drunk at all this weekend! I was in Dublin the night Ireland won the Six Nations... How lame is that?! But how many of you have had Mogwai play you a personal show... None, that's how many!

Have a good nights rest, you can dream of 5 German girls in your dorm room, but it actually happened to me! Score is 2-ZERO to me on the Awesome Shit-o-meter for this weekend.

I love you all, now hold me...


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