Monday, 23 March 2009

Dalai Lama Refused Entry to SA

- Careful, he could strike at any moment -

Because the Chinese said so ...

Pressure from the People's Republic of China has forced the

Government of South Africa to disallow entry of the DALAI LAMA

into their country to attend a Conference on Freedom in Tibet.

He would have joined South African Nobel Prize winner Bishop

Desmond Tutu and ex-SA President De Klerk and others in

this important conference. Tutu & De Klerk are pondering

a boycott.

It seems China has a lot of pull these days. Whether it is holding

American debt, playing footsie in the Sudan or deciding the fate

of Tibetens; they seem to get their way!

fortune of attending a talk with His Holiness around this time last year and I can categorically state without doubt that he is in no way a threat in any way to the Republic of South Africa. He was even some what docile and sluggish in his demeanour, sitting on a soft chair and smiling a childish smile that filled the room with his happiness. I didn't feel threatened at all.

Has anyone got a set of balls?

Peace out... peeeeaaaacccceeee....

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