Monday, 9 March 2009

Britters lets it all hang out!

Back on form - pulled this pearler from The Sun

BRITNEY SPEARS has had the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions – exposing her private parts and then telling a packed audience what she’d done.

The singer was performing in Tampa, Florida, on her Circus tour when she flashed a little more flesh than even her bondage-themed show allows for.

After singing I’m A Slave 4 U, she was lowered underneath the stage to change costumes.

Miming her whole set, except for one song, Britney unsurprisingly assumed her microphone would be switched off.

So imagine her shock when the whole arena heard her exclaim: “My p**** was hanging out.”

It follows a gig in Atlanta where Britney’s boobs nearly popped out of her top.

Nice to see some things never change.

Britney goes pop ... Spears in Atlanta
- Ho hum, seen better -

Absolutely HAD to happen!

If you haven't heard Miss Middle America will be touring our lovely shores this summer... I'm not going. If I wanted to see Britney live all I need to do is put her cd on, grab a beer and fry myself up a corn dog! Yee ha!

At £50 a pop you can keep your slice of apple pie...



  1. oh my word - she is SUCH a Madge wanna be - except Madonna could pull it off - she can only pull it out! eugh! what a scary pic!

  2. She's seriously gone down-hill fast...and she doesn't even have a nice singing voice to redeem her...tsk tsk...


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