Thursday, 12 March 2009

Banksy Removed!

You may remember one of my first awesome posts I submitted onto the 'interweb' showcasing my supreme skills with the camera by taking a photo of one of Banksy's largest pieces in London. Situated about a block from my office "One Nation Under CCTV" became one of his most popular and recognizable works (because it spanned about 4 storys high.


- Art: Just chilling, not hurting anyone -

Took a stroll around the neighbourhood at lunch time today when I noticed...


- Ah, much better! -

It is a fine line if you think about it. The piece had been up for about 2 years, untouched. It is classified as graffiti. It is classified as vandalism - granted. But come on, it's Banksy!

I'm just glad I got to show it to The Manatee last week before it got removed - phew!


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  1. i'd consider Banksy graffiti my ass...i said, consider! ;)


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