Monday, 2 February 2009

White London

- awesome -

- My street -

- Earlsfield Cemetry -

I got the magical email from my boss this morning: "Please feel free to work from home today if you wish, due to the current weather conditions many of you will probably not be able to make it in anyway."

I love that - 'if you wish'....

So Little Bear and I went for a walk this morning around Earlsfield, so beautiful. She had her little Wellingtons on kicking and swishing at the snow, jumping up and down threatening me with a snow ball or two. I just had my lame canvas sneakers on so Little Bear had to carve tiny pathways out for me in the snow to the sidewalk when a car approached, slipping and sliding down the road toward us. Little Bear was telling me how earlier there was a crazy dude on skis carving up powder down Garratt Lane - insane!

On the way home a local in the neighborhood was telling me how in 20 years of her living in Earlsfield she had never seen anything like it - between 6 and 10 inches of the stuff!

I wish you could all jump under the duvet with me now, it's so warm and cozy - honey/lime tea and popcorn. I don't think I'd be much for conversation because, as luck would have it, I'm actaully quite busy with work. But we never were any good at conversation were we? Ooooo naughty!

Chat soon my little minions, more artsy photos for your inquisitive little eyes to devour later...

Yours under a cold white sky, with snow in my eyes and a smile I can't deny


  1. We left london on Sunday night! It was snowing as we took of thank goodness our flight wasn't canceled! Would have loved to play in the snow though!

  2. You missed out on an awesome Monday!


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