Friday, 6 February 2009

Weekend Outlook: 'Favourable'

- One Night Stand? You ain't going no where! -

Ah yes, finally...

When I moved into The Treehouse in Earlsfield over the Christmas week of 2008, The Athlete, whom I replaced in the bedroom I have now dubbed 'The Nest', left behind the most uncomfortable mattress known to man or beast. You would think that having every spring in the body of a mattress broken would be impossible, but no that was and still is exactly the case. Every single coil, rusted twisted and broken ( much like the remains of the economy today but lets not get into that because it's just plain boring) which has left me with many a sleepless night and a stiff and aching body for the last month.

So I finally organized with my neighbour to open The Treehouse for the delivery people (notice, I'm very PC) when the mattress people arrive - this afternoon! Sleepless nights be gone! Convoluted spinal cord a-straighten! But that's not the highlight that awaits me this weekend oh no! Amazon, my best friend and vice sent me a little something in the 'post', (a concept that us Saffa's don't know much about - and for those of us who do know, don't trust at all) that I could not ignore while browsing her endless pages.

The Bela Lugosi box set - 15 films of old school horror. His best, and worst films of his career! For those of you who don't know, Bela (coz we are on a first name basis), is the ORIGINAL Dracula from the 1930's - scary stuff!!

- Bela could strike at any moment -

So while I'm wrapped up warm in my new comfy bed watching vampires and zombies rise from their graves this weekend, avoiding all contact with the sub zero outside world, I hope all of you at home are living the holiday (thanks Seth) for us over here under this gray sky. Absorb a glass of champers for us at Caprice, rub some suntan lotion on your beautiful skin (for me;) and just generally have a good one.

And for all of you here in the trenches with me, ping us an email - let's light a fire, crack a bottle of wine and get to know each other... I know you know what I mean...


(Damn you and your Gossip Girl Sweetie!)

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