Thursday, 12 February 2009

Things Will Go Wrong Pt. 2

So, much to my reluctance I actually rolled out of bed this morning at 6:30am after pressing the 'Snooze' button on my Crapberry twice (Math: 2x10=20min extra sleep = 20/2=10... You know I know you know that I know I'm right about The Law). After completing my 1000 crunches to the sweet sounds of Hewie Lewis and The News' latest album Fore blasting out of my HI-FI. I rinsed the finely toned machine down in the shower, removed my exfoliation mask, suited up and squeaked some Brooks Brothers leather on the pavement toward the station.

"What's this, what's this? A little bit of luck I see.
Not a soul on the platform,
And the train is arriving early for me"

After the pleasent Overland train ride had ended, sadly, I sprung from the open carriage at Waterloo Station, suprising even myself by the energy I was displaying at such an hour. With Phil Collins' But Seriously coarsing through the circuitry in my Discman, up and out through rubbery wires and into my eager ears, I strutted the short walk rhythmically toward the Underground. Further wonderful treatment from London's prestigious Underground system ensued, I waited 1 minute for the Northern line up to Tottenham Court Road where I reached the epic glass doors of the office on time and perhaps even with 2 minutes to spare. I simply strolled in and logged on to the webex application where my 'pupil' for the next hour awaited me at a, no doubt, crowded and sweaty desk in a Singapore office. She was pleasant enough and everything went to plan.Only thing now, is that having an extra hour in a work day to grind through is really taking it out of me this afternoon. Perhaps the only way to unwind later tonight is with two call girls, a little Whitney Houston, a coat hangar and finally a chainsaw...

So what have we learned my little minions? That things really will go wrong when you tempt them right? I blog about the world falling in on me and then the next day it all comes right... That's my point proven isn't it?

I'm off to Norwich tomorrow for the day... Not as 'extravagant' as say Frankfurt, but it's nice to get out town for a little. Breathe some country air, take in the greenery, live a little before Valentine's Day reminds all us loners just how alone we are - boo frikkin hoo. I think Sweetie and I are hitting Bricklane for a curry - should be good.

While I drift out the window up toward the cold gray sky, Billy Holiday's Lover Man (Oh, where can you be) soothes my sighs...

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  1. hey Mike - I did actually do a post a while back about Mix tapes (even quoted high fidelity - i heart John Cusack0 check out this post:

    Have a great day tomorrow.


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