Sunday, 8 February 2009

Progress Report...

So these are the things that I'm currently doing/involved in:

  1. Working on 'House of Cards' by Radiohead on guitar - almost there, the timing and changes are a bit tricky, just translating it to acoustic is the challenge.
  2. Can't move forward if I'm going back 10 years...
  3. Bought canvases and paints to 'create' something for my bare wall. Canvases are still in the plastic. Going to see if I can get round to being creative on this Sunday. Outlook: Dismal.
  4. Stop obsessing about sacred geometry and all art forms linked to the Fibonacci sequence and just get on with 'normal' life.
  5. Accept that no one person is perfect, that instead there is a person perfect for me and searching for said person only blurs the path toward them.
  6. Must stop blogging when still boozed from the night before.
  7. Must never go to Clapham Grand ever again.
  8. Must never agree to pay £12 covert charge for anything again unless nudity is guaranteed (by the relative establishment - NOT me that doesn't count because it's usually free).
  9. Must never drink Southern Comfort, lime and water openly in public again. Yes Michael, all the other guys at the bar WERE laughing at you when you placed that order over and over again. (It's just easier to say, "3 Southern Comforts, lime and waters please!" instead of complicating things - surely!?). I blame Tramp and Sweetie.
  10. Must remember to laugh out loud in the presence of Pommies regarding the English cricket situation. 51 all out. What's really funny is the Sky commentators scrambling for answers and analysis, buying time for 2 hours trying not to look as silly as their cricket team.
  11. Convince myself that ten of anything is enough.
God I don't feel well...

- Must stop drinking in public -

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