Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Prayer...

Dear Lord,

Are you not The Merciful One, the forgiver and not the avenger?
The pain and anguish in one's existence is long and torturous, a journey that hardly ever lets up.

I realize you work in mysterious ways Lord, my mother told me so and she doesn't lie. But sometimes your ways and means don't really add up, don't add up at all. Hitler, Mugabe and Dahmer to name a few... My mother reassures me repeatedly that for one extreme end of the spectrum there lies its binary opposite on the other to balance out the cold dark with warm light, and I see this in the souls of Tenzin Gyatso, Ghandi and our very own Madiba. This makes sense Lord...

But for this you have some serious explaining to do!

- Limp Bizkit reforms -

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That's all I got,

Say 'Hi' to Ouma and Granny 'Knysna' for me!


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