Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Day Out In The Country

As you all know I went to see a few clients in Norwich yesterday. A two hour train trip there and two hours back. It really was a pleasant trip, getting to see the country side, Ipswich, Diss and Colchester. The rolling hills of endless farmland, a lonesome horse grazing in a wintery paddock. All very tranquil and exactly what I needed after a few solid months in the city.

I found myself at the WH Smith, upper level of Liverpool Street Station, a short while before the train was due to leave. A quaint little book shop about the size of a crowded bedroom, overlooking the busy station floor. I found myself looking for copies of Iain Banks novels, again. Whenever I go on a trip somewhere, anywhere where there is a bit of time spent in transit I buy myself a book and most of the time it's Scottish writer Iain Banks. I've actually re-bought copys before.
  • The Wasp Factory - 3 times
  • Walking On Glass - 2 times
  • The Bridge - 2 times
  • A Song of Stone
  • Dead Air
  • The Algebraist (Iain M Banks)

This time I bought The Crow Road - my older brother's favourite Banks book. I think I may have been putting off this particular novel because of that fact - I love spiting The Photographer. It's one of the many pleasures he brings me. I love the way he defends his music taste (shoddy) and his dress sense (think a 33 year old dressed like a 19 year old), I just love teasing the little man (I'm 6'2 and he is a measly 5'11).

Back to the Bank's books... I pondered this strange compulsion I have. I figured I always gravitated toward the efforts of Meseur Banks because I know it's a safe bet that it'll be a quality novel, solid writing and easily re-readable in the future. How strange the human spirit is, clutching to security and safety at any and all opportunities...

What are you guys reading at the moment?


PS: Sorry, I was a bit silly in that I didn't take any photos of the trip... A thousand apologies!

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  1. OOoooohhh.... thats brotherly love for you.... and shows how you pay attention: Feersum Endjinn and Excession are my favs (although Crow Road is up there).
    and thanks - sil laughed so hard she cried when she read this entry, always good to watch!

    - did i note a touch of jealousy of my dress sense? that is a picture of you wearing my hoodie is it not? at least i can pull it off, being a photographer and not an IT nerd....

    lastly, its 6 foot - no need to get nasty!


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