Saturday, 14 February 2009

Argh, V. Day

Shall I perpetuate the predictability of bloggers world wide regarding the day we find ourselves living through presently?

Well, I don't know. Sweetie and I are going clothes shopping a little later - we both need new threads - then I think (not confirmed yet) I might be crashing a little dinner party tonight. Sweetie has a friend who is hosting said dinner party with a whole bunch of people Sweetie has yet to meet. Sweetie is not really fond of being surrounded by strangers, deluged by awkward conversation and small talk and so she is trying to crack me an invite so I can play wing-man for the evening.

I'm not up to much anyway, man I'm a good friend - you lot are lucky to have me.

Have a great day all you lucky enough to have a significant other on this day. To the rest of us, lets get pissed and engage in a somewhat under rated and unfairly frowned upon concept that is the One Night Stand.

Here is an example of supreme romance...

If you pay close attention you may find a picture of yours truly in there somewhere...


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