Saturday, 31 January 2009


I'm back in your town my friends and I must pass on my sincerest apologies for not getting in contact sooner. After nursing a massive hangover through morning meetings, a crowded airport (Frankfurt), a meal-less flight (thanks for nothing Lufthansa), another crowded airport (Heathrow) and a kak long tube ride home, I was totally flattened.

I must say that I think I may have given Frankfurt a bad wrap over the past week. To be clear, we were staying in a town called Neu Isenberg, just south of what the locals call Frankfurt Am Main. We went out huge on Thursday night and found a little area called Sachtenhausen in central Frankfurt were all the little pubs are. We managed to find an apple wine bar (tastes much like cider) which was the exact cultural experience we were looking for. So don't be put off Frankfurt itself, just a friendly note against spending a week in Neu Isenberg.

Glad we cleared that up.

Let's move on.

So Sweetie and I met up today, first time in about 2 months. The tan she collected on her trip home is something to behold, bronzed like a freakin goddess! Kinda made me a little nostalgic for Clifton 4th but I pushed through the pain. Sweetie is looking desperately for a place to stay so I decided to help her with the search today. Man, there are a few terrible places on the market and I think we may have seen some of the worst Southfields has to offer today. And to top it off it was a breezy 1 degree in the sunshine. Sweetie is hell bent on staying in Southfields. She says Earlsfield is too busy, Wimbledon far too busy and Putney too expensive (which is true). Southfields is nice and sleepy, I get where she is coming from but I spent 2 years there, and I felt I needed to upgrade - Earlsfield is my neighbourhood. After a long day on the street, we came back home - I introduced Sweetie to honey/lime tea and she introduced me to Gossip Girl - I couldn't really focus on the story as the females in the show were so unbelievably hot that I couldn't focus for shit. That is all about that.

We are cooking a big roast chicken tonight, as a welcome back for Sweetie - that and I love cooking roast chicken. Wish I could have you all here, but I don't know your phone numbers - don't say I didn't think about you.

Thanks for all your well wishes and welcomes last night - I really missed the Big Smoke and it's always nice to be missed - your reciprication is much appreciated.

I love you all, it's great to be home. That is the truth.

Yours under our cold grey sky

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